SONAYNA products are made with fine fabrics of the highest quality. To ensure the perseverence of the quality of your Sonayna please only dry clean at your trusted dry cleaners. Handle with care at all times. Please take care when wearing jewellery as they may snag. All modal, lycra, wool, knit & rayon pieces should be folded as the garment could stretch if hung for extended periods.

Only steam iron your garment anytime possible. Otherwise always iron at low heat settings, making sure that the items are reversed when ironing to avoid shine and iron marks. Also use press cloth between garment and iron.

Most of our garments are loose fitting which allow you not to dry clean after every wear. To refresh your outfit we recommend steaming, hanging them in an airy place or using an iron on a low silk friendly setting, if using an iron do not place any heat over the beading/embellishments.


SONAYNA is renowned for embellished necklines & details, which are applied individually by hand. Each garment is unique with limited quantity. With wear some crystals can come off.


If you’d like to alter your garment we recommend taking it to a trusted alterer/sewer. OUR TIP: keep the fabric that was taken off the garment to use as a belt or scarf.


When dry cleaning your garment please take it to a trusted, specialty dry cleaner. Our garments are very delicate and must be cleaned in the appropriate solvent; please ensure your dry cleaner uses Hydrocarbon or Green Earth products, with strict limitations on amount of water, reduced chemical action and low drying temp. As some Sonayna garments are enriched with embellishments, we recommend no heat on the beading/embellishments.

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