SONAYNA is a way of being, rather than a label that is defined by age, size, race or culture. Gifted with extraordinary attention to detail and a creative knack, the people who make up the SONAYNA TRIBE love what they do, have a strong sense of accountability and are passionate about the SONAYNA brand.

At our head office and design studio there is colour everywhere, natural light, lots of coconut water, dog bowls and limitless personal style layered with SONAYNA. Collaborative strategies are built across departments, creative concepts are developed. We celebrate birthdays with champagne & cupcakes and our favorite phrases is ‘heads down, bottoms-up’.

In-store we translate the magic of SONAYNA wonderland with exotic decor, intricate embellishments and aim for a sensory overload. We carry on the experience that SONAYNA herself began when she first opened the Bondi store with pride and serve each customer with a luxury experience.

At SONAYNA we truly believe that our TRIBE is the lifeblood of the brand and we all share in a little bit of SONAYNA crazy.

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